Hanrahan Investments  L.L.C,  with it’s founder Jack Hanrahan,  is one of the most experienced food and beverage consulting companies in the four state midwest area.

Hanrahan Investments has owned, operated and consulted with clients in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa over its 24 year history.  Hanrahan Investments understands the market conditions of all four states having had locations in all of them.

Based in Kansas City, Jack Hanrahan founded Hanrahan Investments L.L.C. in 1984 after investing in two  live entertainment clubs in the  Westport entertainment district of Kansas City, Mo. .    Over the next five years, Jack left his field of commercial banking and fully transitioned  into the hospitality business full time, opening up three other highly successful format venues in Westport and the surrounding areas  of Kansas City.

One of those formats that Jack co-founded,  Guitars & Cadillacs, became the cutting edge format that embraced the “young country” dance genre that had started up at country radio and also brought live country acts such as Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Brooks and Dunn,  Shania Twain etc. to the stages of Guitars & Cadillacs.  The concept was grown to a seven site chain throughout the Midwest by the middle of the 1990’s.   Many of the Guitars & Cadillacs locations also had full food service so Hanrahan learned the do’s and don’ts  of the food  aspect of the business.

Since 2000,  Hanrahan Investments has provided consulting services to over thirty clients, some multi-site clients,  some single site clients.    Each client is treated as a member of our family and our philosophy is to do what the client wants us to do along with offering our take and advice on certain aspects of the business.

The main operational services that we provide are:

  • Profit and loss issues
  • Operational issues, front and back of the house
  • Food, drink and payroll cost controls
  • Growth patterns
  • Lease negotiations, tenant finish- build out including contractors to permitting to grand opening marketing and execution
  • Liquor license assistance with city and state
  • Acquiring sponsorship (s) with key vendors
  • Establishing additional income streams,Establishing additional income streams,  i.e. ATMS, in- house promotions, legal gaming and coin operated machines, contest winning 
  • Hiring and termination of all phases of personnel including management and hourly staff
  • Shrinkage and theft control (with law enforcement assistance , if desired)
  • New financing sources, short and long term cash needs, new angel investors for expansion of concept into new locations
  • Live entertainment booking, promoting concerts,Live entertainment booking, promoting concerts, 
  • Assistance with all media advertising via print, radio, billboards and internet
  • Re-energizing, Re-branding, re-concepting
  • Assistance with legal and accounting issues
  • Exit strategy, sale of location if desired

Besides hiring Jack Hanrahan and his team of trusted advisors,  clients of Hanrahan Investments bring added value to their business valuation  through the networking and added sources of intellectual collateral and proprietary information gained over the past two decades in business.

Other trusted advisors will be named and brought in on a per consult basis should both Hanrahan Investments and the client feel it necessary to do so.  These trusted advisors are the top people in their levels of expertise and we have long term win/win relationships with them.
Hanrahan Investments has vast knowledge of the ever changing market conditions of the Midwest region as that is where we have the expertise of experience and focus to tackle the issues of today and tomorrow.
Our overall goal is to add value to your business, service you fully and reach a successful win/win conclusion for all involved.

Please call or email me to set up your free initial consultation!

Very Sincerely,
Jack Hanrahan Kansas City, Mo.
Hanrahan Investments 816-523-1618